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Anambra Governorship Transition Committee: Soludo Hits The Bull’s Eye

Opinion Credit on Soludo’s Transition Committee: Joe C Anatune

The diversity and pool of talents with hands-on experience found in the Transition Committee members apparently breaks the category paradigm. It is disruptive and breaks away from the usual, the common, and unknown to many; it is a huge public relations win for the state that millions of public relations spend cannot achieve. We have good authority that it is already drawing the attention of local and foreign investors to the state.

The composition signals a readiness to adopt global best practices as a culture in Anambra State. It is a manifestation of the Anambra Standards which Soludo glowingly says will be the anvil of the Anambra economic transformation Agenda. But why is a transition team necessary in the first instance in either the public or private sectors?

When there is a change in the political leadership of a country or state; a Transition Committee becomes imperative for an orderly and peaceful transfer of power. It is proper and in order for the new administration to move from the known to the unknown. This Transition Committee will work within a relatively short period to ensure that the incoming administration begins on a sound and solid footing while the outgoing one departs gloriously, as governance is a continuum. Among other assignments, the committee will look into the recurring responsibilities of ministries and parastatals, current projects, tasks and projects to be completed before leaving, inauguration plans, search party, formation of government and more.

The assignment is huge and by the time the 80-member Committee is divided into subcommittees, the number thins out. The good news is that members are people who have done it before and it is our well-considered opinion that they will rise to the occasion and deliver.

The 80-member Transition committee

The majority of Ndi Anambra are cheering Soludo who they believe has hit the bull’s eye by his now popular first step which is making Anambra the poster boy of the South East. Never in history in our clime have we put together such a parade of talents, headed by a lady who Nigerians refer to as “Madam Due Process” with an impeccable international reputation. Anambra cannot wait for the committee to set sail.

There can never be a better time to be one Anambra.

Very exhilarating. Be of good cheer!!

Joe C Anatune
Writes from Awa.



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