Anambra: Group demands that Soludo attend to all projects

Gov. Soludo Officially Opens Mmiata Anam-Nzam Road, Begins Road Construction in Anambra

As he prepares to take office, Anambra State Governor-Elect Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo has been told not to leave any project unfinished. 

According to Report, Soludo stood for governor of Anambra State under the banner of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and defeated his opponents from other parties in the November 6, 2021, elections. 

Before assuming office, a group in the state known as the Global Initiatives for Anambra Needs (GIAN) drew the attention of the new Governor to the state’s deteriorating roads and unfinished projects.  

GIAN’s Director-General, Mr Amah Amaonye, addressed on behalf of the organization in Awka, the state capital, on Sunday, urging Soludo to solve the state’s numerous abandoned federal projects. 

Residents, he claims, had great hopes that Soludo would address the issue of abandoned projects as soon as he took office. 

Amaonye voiced confidence in Soludo’s ability to follow through on his campaign pledges, citing his influence, scorecards, and success in numerous posts.  

“No situation should be perceived as ignored or untreated,” he stated. We are aware that the state’s neglect of federal projects is a serious issue. As a result, a quick and effective solution to this problem, which has left the state with numerous decrepit roads and inadequate accessibility, must be developed. 

 “This is generating a daily hardship and logjam for our people traveling in the state, both on the Niger Bridge at Asaba end and the Enugu end, where the roads are in a condition of absolute neglect.” 

“To propose a solution to this problem, there should be concerted efforts among the states, incorporating federal and international engagement.”  

According to sources, GIAN ordered Soludo to stay focused and design measures that would have a direct impact on the people at the grassroots. 

“At GIAN, we believe that any government’s principal obligation is to devote its energy and resources to constantly seeking out and solving the concerns of its population,” GIAN DG stated.  

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