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Bitter kola incredible health benefit and side effects

Bitterkola, also known as garcinia kola or bitter kola, is a common plant which can be found across Central and Western Africa.  

Bitter kola has been used for years in traditional African medicine and is also said to have numerous therapeutic features, including the ability to help fight bacterial and viral diseases. 

The plant is well titled in terms of flavor! The edible seeds have a distinct bitterness to them, as well as a mild sweetness. When ingested, bitter kola provides a variety of nutrients, including carbs, fat, protein, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and caffeine. 

However, Bitter kola has long been used to treat diseases ranging from the common cold to hepatitis.

According to study, bitter kola can aid coughs, bacterial infections, and viral infections.

However, When an illness begins, eating bitter kola may also help fight the infection and make you feel better faster. 

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola 

  • Bitter kola has antibacterial qualities: Study shows that both the bitter kola seeds and Leafs have antibacterial properties.
  • Nuts also improves the function of the lungs: Bitter kola provides some protection against respiratory disease.
  • Bitter kola nut improves the immune system: Bitter kola contains a high quantity of antioxidants, which are compounds that fight free radicals.
  • It is an antimalarial medication.

For many years, traditional healers have prescribed bitter kola for the treatment of malaria infections, and now scientific research is beginning to back up their claims. 

  • Bitter kola may aid in the treatment of glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is a disorder that causes increasing pressure within the eyeball, resulting in a progressive loss of sight and, if left untreated, irreversible blindness.

However, Research also found that bitter kola is equally effective as more conventional therapies in reducing ocular pressure in newly diagnosed patients. 

Bitter kola side effects 

It is critical to use any supplement or traditional medical substance sparingly. Bitter kola has a variety of well-documented adverse effects.  

  1. It also has the potential to raise blood pressure.

If you have hypertension, avoid bitter kola since the nut contains a stimulant with blood pressure-raising characteristics. 

  1. Bitter kola may also cause sleeplessness.

Kola nut contains caffeine, which may make it difficult to sleep after eating. Caffeine raises alertness, which may make it difficult for some people to fall asleep.  

  1. It has the potential to create tremors (involuntary movements)

Bitter kola nuts can have an adverse effect on the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, causing anxiety, and shaking. 

How much bitterkola should I eat per day? 

Two bitter kola nuts a day therefore keeps the doctor away.

This is the daily quantity that will not hurt your health and will only benefit it. Eat only a few bitter kola nuts a day to be healthy! 

When is it better to consume bitterkola? 

Similarly, some of the ingredients of bitter kola include antioxidants, which are particularly useful in combating germs and other ailments.  

As a result, consuming bitter kola as early as 7 a.m. boosts and improves your immune system’s ability to perform properly. 



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