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Emmanuel Macron re-elected as president of France

Emmanuel Macron has been projected as the winner of the presidential election in France. The pollsters projected by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) analyzed that Macron defeated candidate Marine Le Pen with 58.2% votes against Le Pen’s 42% vote.

Pollsters are individuals or organizations that collect, analyze and present data from a poll — in this case, an election.

French pollsters typically release election result projections when polls close in major cities based on data from voting units that close at 7 pm. This is usually done hours before the French interior ministry releases official results.

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Following the announcement of the projected win, Macron delivered a speech to his supporters in Paris. He thanked them for backing him and expressing his commitment to addressing the country’s problems.

“After five years of happy transformation and difficult challenges, to this day, a majority amongst us chose to trust me to pilot the republic for the next five years. I want to thank all of the people who supported me and made this election possible. I know that you have given so much of your energy and your effort to this endeavor,” he said.

Speaking further, he said; “I want to thank all of the French people, who at the first and second rounds of the presidential election placed their trust in me. Together we can undertake our project to make France more independent and Europe stronger. Through investments and changes, we will continue to implement change that is relevant for everyone by freeing creativity and innovation in our country and making France a great, green nation.”

Le Pen also delivered a speech conceding defeat while also celebrating her “historic score” in the vote.

“A great wind of freedom could have blown over our country; the fate of the ballot box wanted otherwise. The results of tonight represent a shining victory,” she said.

“In this defeat, I can’t help but feel a form of hope. This result constitutes for our French leaders and for the European leaders, the testimony of a great mistrust of the French people towards them which they cannot ignore and that of the widely shared aspiration of a great change.”

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