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Episode 13: The Concept of Christianity and Chi in Igbo Cosmology Part 1

J2S: The Concept of Christianity and Chi in Igbo Cosmology Part 1 – The Concept of Chi Explained (Episode 13)


…When everything around me got cloudy
The chair became a king’s throne
My destiny found me

 It’s clear why the struggle was so painful
This is what I changed to
And God, I’m so thankful…

-Nas, You’re the Man


The world has lately seemed to be closing in on me. That is the area where you experience whatever your personal rock bottom is. So, it is within, so it is without. a lost soul’s suffering. The best way to convey important messages is through parables. It makes sense why Jesus Christ (Jesu Christi/Yeshua) frequently referenced them in his teachings. These are the ramblings of a man who was lost and eventually was found, after all.


I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude to God for his immeasurable greatness and power. As I explain the idea or doctrine of Chi in this article, you can also see the striking parallels between Igbo Cosmology, African Traditional Spirituality, and Christianity. We will gain a better understanding of our ancestors’ understanding of God, the self, destiny, and what these ideas mean to us personally.


The Meaning of Chi in Igbo Cosmology

The Chi is a highly individualistic force. Everyone has a special understanding and relationship with themselves. And because of this, it is challenging to have a common understanding of the idea. One’s internal divinity is always referred to as The Chi. Everything, both living and non-living, is composed of the four essences Chi, Eke, Agwu, and Mmuo, which provide additional context. They are all inherently divine. They all present the person with various facets of themselves. Additionally, they control or have an influence over aspects of a person’s persona, destiny, and manifestation.

The energy that gives us life and causality is known as Chi. Chi is our reason for being, beyond just the giver and taker of life. our raison d’être. It is the spark of sentience that can concede our existence for reasons embedded within that spark itself, just like the Chi of the people, places, and things around us. Therefore, an individual’s destiny and the circumstances of their lives are determined by the Chi. The creative work of our Chi is evident in every little detail that contributes to the rarity of our existence.

Everything has a Chi, and the totality of all connected Chi is known as Chukwu Okike (Grand Chi of Creation). In esoteric terms, the Igbo word for God, Chukwu Okike, also known as Chukwu (God), is also regarded as One God, the Source, or the Universe. Most Christian believers and non-believers alike would regard this concept as God. I could be mistaken about other analogies, but it’s crucial that we concentrate more on the similarities in this article.


A Striking Similarity Between Eke in Igbo Cosmology and Mary, Mother of God

Let’s take a step back now before moving on. Unquestionably striking is the meaning of the Eke and its significance in relation to Catholic doctrines. In the Igbo language, Eke could be referred to as both a python (serpent) and the creator. Now, when you think about the idea of Mary stepping on the serpent’s head—as seen in Catholic doctrine—and the serpent’s part in the creation story in Genesis, a lot more similar implications emerge.

To further support that idea, Igbo cosmology holds that our Chi is what connects us to Chukwu in a special way (God). Eke is regarded as the mother of God, while Chukwu is the father. However, Catholics refer to Mary as the mother of God. Mother of God and Mother of God, same difference.


The Duality of Existence and Inexistence

It is also important to note that divinity is not an individual that rules us, but rather the parents which created us. Therefore, in this context, God is referred to as Chi na Eke (Chinaeke). The Chi is the initiating force in the relationship between Eke and Chi, which means that the Chi is the start, the reason behind an idea, spark, or intention. Eke, on the other hand, represents reality, effect, manifestation, and existence.

Everything in the space of Chi is in the space of inexistence, and everything in existence is in the space of Eke because existence is divided in two. We are a component of Eke, the universe itself, as beings. However, what gives us life is the Chi. Chi animates us and ignites our creation.

The best person to understand, experience, and uncover a person’s relationship with their Chi is that person themselves. “Chi ka Dibia,” a proverb, describes this (the Chi is greater than the wise man). We write our life stories with our Chi as the source of the idea that gave rise to us. We are free to choose, but the results are determined by our Chi.

Most importantly, according to Igbo cosmology, it is our Chi that has knowledge of what will transpire on the pages of our unwritten stories. We attribute our Chi to both good fortune and the positive aspects of life. In the same way that our Chi is also responsible for misfortune, struggle, and conflict. Therefore, nothing happens to us without the authorization of our Chi.


Our Chi’s Role in Life and Death

The component of you called the Chi also controls when you will pass away. Onwu Chi (Death by the will of the Chi), which typically occurs after a person has had children and lived a long, fulfilling life, is seen as a blessing if you die at a time and under circumstances that are considered acceptable by society. In addition to implying that a person’s Chi looked after them, Onwu Chi also suggests that their spirit is one that the family wishes to celebrate to welcome it to return through reincarnation.

A person can become an ancestor if they have a well-known death. On the other hand, if someone has a bad chi, which manifests as them causing harm, discord, disorder, and shame to the family, they are either buried face down or not at all. This will stop them from reincarnating and from becoming an ancestor.


Praying to Our Chi

We use negotiation to win favors when speaking to our Chi. Instead of pleading with your Chi to grant your wishes, tell them why they are important and deserving of fulfillment. Because of this, in Odinaala, before requesting favors, a person sits up straight in prayer and declares their mouth, hands, face, heart, and mind to be free of any wrongdoing, foul language, and evil intentions.

Although the Chi played a part in the individual’s creation, their relationship is one of the partners. This also influences how prayers are expressed. People converse with their Chi while sitting upright and with their eyes open, just as you would with a friend. People consult their Chi before starting an endeavor.

To communicate to their Chi the significance of success, safety, presence, and support. Praise and devotions are due if your will and Chi are in sync. After success, people will go back to their altar and express their gratitude through prayer, song, or sacrifice. In contrast, one can also return to their Chi to find out why their Chi isn’t helping them create the life they want.


On My Recent Journey to Self

Lately, I have felt that connection again. The strange part about this was that I found my connection to God again through an interview I watched on YouTube with Michael Knowles and Fr. Dan Reehil, an exorcist. It was while watching the interview that I realized my failure to fear and believe in God as I should.

This made me dig deep into my soul to set things straight from within, as mainstream wokeness has us acting as though we still believe in God when all it does is inflate our ego to assume the role of God in our lives. The new “we are God” gospel flying around, must be fully understood from its correct assumptions.

This means that though we possess the power of God over our lives through our divine self, Chi, we still are powerless before our creator God. Thus, we must be humble and give Chukwu (God) all the glory and adoration if we will continue to feel God’s presence in us, and that of our Chi.


In the coming weeks, I will be sharing Part 2 of this topic. There we will explore the 10 ways that our Chi can reach out to us, to let us know if we are on the right or wrong path. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates


Watch Out for the Next Episode of Journey to Self (J2S)



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