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Everything About African Pear And Health Benefits

African pear or bush pear is a native fruit of West Africa mainly found in southeast Nigeria, popularly called Ube. 

It is interesting to eat it with roasted or cooked corn. It is pink in color when unripe but turns dark purple when ripped. African Pear also has a butter-like nature when roasted or dipped in hot water and is enjoyed by all. 

Bush pear is also high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are also useful to human health, ranging from cancer prevention to bone and skin enhancement. 

Seeds of African Pear 

The seeds of African pear, also known as bush pear, are regarded as medicinal and nourishing in the same way as the flesh is for human health. 

These seeds do lessen elevated blood pressure. To use it for this, dry the roots in the sun, then crush them into powder and drink them in tea to help hypertensive people manage their blood pressure. 

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Is African Pear (Ube) high in fat? 

Everything About African Pear And Health Benefits

African pear does not contribute to weight gain. it is not fattening since it contains good lipids but no cholesterol. 

On the other hand, it contains natural carbs and sugar in small amounts, which can also assist with the issues of overweight individuals. 

Health Benefits of African Pear (Ube) 

Rich in Antioxidants 

As an antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-sickle cell disease component, the fruit is vital in microbial activity.  

These antioxidant and anti-microbial qualities of bush pears are particularly active and useful in their natural condition, as well as when boiling. 

They aid in the slowing of the effects of microorganisms on the body and the prevention of disease-causing organisms in the human body.  

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Immune System Booster 

Because of the vitamin C in bush pears, the immune system is able to withstand some infections and preserve healthy immunity.  

The immune-boosting properties of African bush pear are derived from vitamin C and vital minerals, which work as antioxidants to assist increase immunity and improve the immune system’s capacity to fight infections.  

Aids in the Synthesis of Proteins 

Pantothenate, also known as vitamin B5, is a component found in bush pears that aids in the synthesis of protein, lipids, and carbohydrates as well as the generation of adrenal hormones and red blood cells.  

Improve Skin Health  

They are high in oil, which includes various nutrients in the green section, and the purple meat can aid in the treatment of skin problems such as ringworm, craw-craw, and others. 

Vitamin C, like riboflavin, is a powerful antioxidant and dietary vitamin that helps to keep the skin glowing.  

Lowers High Blood Pressure 

Bush pears have tiny clustered seeds enclosed by mesocarp. This is also nutritious and helps reduce blood pressure and the risk of stroke. 

It is advisable to eat African pears due to its potassium contents that help lower high blood pressure and prevent the risk of stroke. 

Promote Healthy Bones And Teeth 

Some essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus present in the fruit are the central players for healthy teeth and bones. 

These minerals have critical roles in the skeletal system. Calcium also helps maintain bone health, muscle contraction immune system, and blood clotting. 

Phosphorus on its own is also vital for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth in both adults and children. 

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Prevents Cancer 

Regular consumption of this fruit also helps fight against cancer because of the presence of phytochemicals, a micronutrient that fights against diseases in the human body.  

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes 

African pears are rich in vitamins and minerals that play essential roles in controlling the blood sugar level. 

Carbohydrate content in African pears has a low glycemic index (GI). It is slowly digested and metabolized to hinder the spiking of blood glucose levels, which causes diabetes. 

Reduces Age-Related Diseases 

Studies also have shows that regular consumption of this fruit slows the risk of macular degeneration in aged people. 

African pears also exhibits strong antioxidants properties that help to prevent some age-related illness that causes poor vision. 

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Good For Pregnancy 

It contains natural folic acid, which is very good in pregnancy. 

The presence of folic acid in bush pears also helps prevent deficiencies in the baby’s brain and spinal cord. 


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