FG Pleads Doctors, Nurses to Stay in Nigeria

Nigeria doctors and nurses

The federal government has appealed to Doctors and Nurses to remain in Nigeria to see the efforts of the government.

FG also reaffirmed its guarantee that steps are being taken to stop Nigeria’s brain drain.  

In an interview with media on Monday at the Federal Medical Center in Ebute Meta, Lagos, Minister of State for Health Joseph Ekumankama. 

He opened the Ultra-Modern Theatre, Molecular Building Complex, Oxygen Gas Plant, Clinical Training Centre, and Orthopedic and Trauma Center.  

Ekumankama acknowledged that the widespread transfer of medical staff posed challenges and raised concerns.  

“The greatest challenge facing the sector presently is the doctors and nurses leaving the country”. 

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“As a sacrifice, I also encourage them to stay back and help us revitalize the health sector. We have witnessed that today with what is on ground in this hospital,” he said. 

Ekumankama also added that the government, in the last three years, released 100 percent of health budget. 

Recall that on 10 June 2022, In an interview, Dr. Uche Rowland Ojinmah, President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), lays out his plan for reviving Nigeria’s failing health system and addresses the problem of brain drain. According to the NMA President, the issue is fueled by low pay, a lack of job satisfaction, and security threats.

He said “Poor remuneration, lack of job satisfaction and the security threat. These are the three things that are making Nigerian doctors to leave. Go and compare the highest paid doctor to the lowest paid member of the National Assembly, you will understand that there is a problem”.

He continued “Outside this country, doctors are some of the highest earners apart from chief executives of industries. When you see the salary of a neurosurgeon in United State, you will understand but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case”.


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