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HOLY NWEJE : The Story of Igbo Saint – WNTV

“Holy Nweje” is a nickname for an Anglican priest called Hezekiah Okoro Nweje. A native of Onitsha in Anambra state. He was born in 1919 and died in June 1962. 

Because of his tremendous righteousness, ease of going with the flow, and humanitarian lifestyle, he was given the nickname “Holy Nweje.” He had a strong devotion to God’s goods. Whatever contributions he received from the church he oversaw, he always distributed to those in the vineyard, the underprivileged, and the needy. He doesn’t hold onto them at the cost of the less privileged.  

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His Philosophy 

According to his philosophy, having riches meant being generous with what you had rather than hoarding it. He once rejected a nomination for the Anglican Bishop of the Niger because he believed another person was better qualified. 

It was also believed that Rev. Hezekiah Okoro Nweje was an honest, pure, and righteous man. The nickname “Holy Nweje” originated from all the extraordinary qualities he exhibited while still living. showing the extent of one’s holiness. He thought that one’s anger shouldn’t affect the next moment.  

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Rev. Hezekiah Okoro Nweje (Holy Nweje) 

In May 1956 Onitsha and Obosi were tussling for a piece of land, Rev Nweje was called as a witness, he told the Judge that none of the towns owned the land, na “Ani bu ani Chukwu” The land and thereof is of the lord. That ended the land tussle. He was always on the side of peace.· 

Around April 1956, during the daytime local thieves invaded his house in Onitsha and stole tubers of yam and fowl, he ran after them and told them to come and take more cited hunger as the reason for their unconventional behavior. What a man! 

Growing up in Igbo land, if seen or perceived as an upright person, you would be called or nicknamed “Holy Nweje” When next you’re called HOLY NWEJE, do not feel ashamed or mocked. It tells good of you.  

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Nweje Lane in Onitsha metropolis is a street named to immortalize him. 

You have now known the story behind that popular nomenclature “Holy Nweje” 

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