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Episode 14: How Mainstream Wokeness Has Us Believing We Are God

J2S: How Mainstream Wokeness Has Us Believing We Are God (Episode 14)

I can’t tell the makeup of people who would read this article; however, I can tell a good average would relate to this topic. It is not breaking news to learn that a larger-than-noticed number of people in society today have no concrete belief system. Most of us wallow in deep states of psychological confusion and spiritual emptiness. We feel downcast inside, even when we appear bubbly sometimes.

Our traumas start at our early ages because we are most impressionable at the ages of 0-7. At this period of our lives, we are still operating in our theta level of consciousness, which could be better seen as a time when our subconscious is on autopilot. Traumas at this age are responsible for behavioral patterns that occur in our adult lives that may result in our consistent failures and successes.

You can read more on the frequencies of our brain activities here.

As a kid, my dad always had my brothers and I wait for all the ladies in the family to walk into the house first when we all returned home from Sunday mass. At that time, I was about 3-7 years old, however, that courtesy of “ladies first” has stuck with me my entire life. This is a positive representation of the impact of what we experience in the early stages of our lives. This should leave to the imagination what impact negative experiences at a young age could have on us at the latter stages of our lives.

And this only gets worse when we don’t align ourselves with the forces that help us overcome them.


The Breakdown of Our Belief System

Religion is what it is; it has its positives and its negatives, its pros, and cons, as well as its truths and lies. I always loved watching the Discovery and History channels when I became a teenager still with an impressionable mind, and I was inundated with info that aroused more questions about my belief system. My inquisitiveness which led me out of the seminary only grew to disbelief in religion and the doctrines I was brought up to believe. And it only became worse. I went through the phase of not believing in Jesus and how he was portrayed in the Bible. My opinion towards his story was from a not-so-respectful standpoint, unlike my opinion today.

Even though we can’t deny the media’s part in making us unsure of what to believe, the history of modern religion has a bigger impact on how our belief system has crumbled. Therefore, religion shines from its foundation of faith in the unknown. Thus, away with reason, alas, belief. Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29). All in that verse, we see the polarity of our existence and that of the universe. And for as much as how we choose to go about our confused “prodigal son” state, we end up believing – in one form or another – that must be in accordance with the general principles of natural law. Failure to find this state subjects us to eternal damnation from this plane to the next.

The history of religion creates so much doubt in it when you come to that knowledge. The violence, greed, politics, and hypocrisy that are found in its history can make you lose faith in God. However, only faith in the unseen can see you through finding God truly in your life. While most people see others that find God through other means as unbelievers or sometimes pagans, they forget God is omnipresent, meaning we find God anywhere we truly seek God. This means we shouldn’t hinge our belief in God through religious rhetoric, rather we hinge our belief in him through our little existence in this vast cosmos.

Understanding the stigma of paganism.

Journey to Self: New Age Spirituality

Our modern era has us believing that we are God. And while this is maybe true in a different context, some of us take it literally and lose sight of our lowliness before the Almighty. With nothing else to believe in but myself, I found myself stuck in the phase of believing in myself more than in God.

While I might see things differently today, my understanding of how things work makes me grateful for all that it took to get me to the awareness. And for this, I have no regrets about the route I have taken to this rebirth.

It started with reading. Reading was always so difficult for me growing up and I hated participating in anything that includes reading. It is crazy how I ended up studying English Studies and Literature at the University. And as the course of study would suggest, there was a lot of reading to be done. This meant that for me to make a good grade and not read, I had to rely on the internet to reduce the reading load I had to cover, instead of reading the entirety of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

As I drew closer to my late 20s, the urge to read grew. I believed that reading was going to force me to start and complete tasks and projects that I noticed I had a pattern of leaving incomplete. My focus level was growing as I completed books regardless of how long it took. At this point in my life, self-help books were the only types of books worth my time. I was intentional about the data I consumed.

Click here to read about the effects of the data we consume.

Books like “The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne”, “Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill”, and “As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen” brought me to the awareness of the law of attraction and the power of my subconscious mind. Although the ideas and concepts shared in these books are very helpful and can point you in the right direction. How we receive them at times can lead to more spiritual harm than good. It creates an unaware lowly level of self-pride in not-so-common knowledge, leaving you exposed to wise ignorance in spiritual emptiness.

Modern spirituality wants us to believe we can create whatever life we so please without conforming to the general principles of natural law. This is like eating your cake and having it. It is impossible to be your best self in a state that is operating contrary to universal laws. And on most occasions, our realization that we are but a speck of dust in the eyes of the Almighty is our redemption.

We seek understanding and daily guidance from astrology, stoicism, religion, spirituality, and other forms of practice while living without the fear of God in us. It is crazy how some of us without belief systems claim to believe in God, while not reverencing God daily. We construct our lackadaisical form of personal worship that shows no reverence. Or reverence which further depletes our belief in God when we don’t get what we seek.


How to Find God for Yourself

I found God through my more recent traditional beliefs. I believe we all have our unique means to develop our connection with the Almighty. For the over 30 years of living that I identified myself as Christian and Catholic, I never felt the presence of God as much as I did when I aligned myself with my ancestral ways. And the most fascinating thing about it is that my understanding and respect for Christianity deepened. This has left me in a much more balanced state mentally, enabling me to function in a better capacity than I am used to.

I hope that this article finds a way to speak to the hearts of those in need of God to relax and be genuine about their reasons for feeling God’s presence. The presence comes to us when we truly seek it, and it stays with us if we can nurture it through prayers, repentance (from weaknesses, desires, childhood traumas, and negative patterns), contrition, and forgiveness (of self, family, friends, society, etc.). And as much as we are not robots of belief in institutions, we can still find God through those institutions we believe to be corrupt and hypocritical.


Drop a comment if you can relate or have experienced seeking and finding God in your way. And don’t forget to comment if you still need help in finding God.


Stay tuned on Journey to Self to uncover more on this topic and how the concept of our Chi can lead us to find and stay in close contact with God.





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