Man Crush Monday: Nigerian Singer, songwriter, Bongos Ikwue


Bongos Ikwue is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born on the 6th of June 1942 in Otukpo, Benue state.
His Music career started early in Okene Comprehensive secondary school he attended. There he formed a group called “Cubana Boys”. Upon completion of his secondary education, he enrolled at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where he studied Business Administration. While in ABU Zaria, he formed his band and called it the “Unibello Brothers”.
In 1967 he founded and headed the “Groovies Band”. Mr Ikwue also composed the song “Cocks Crow at Dawn”, which became the soundtrack for Inale; a 2010 Nigerian musical drama film produced by Keke Bongos and directed by Jeta Amata.
His other work includes Cockcrow At Dawn, Still Searching, Amen, Otachikpokpo and a host of others.

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His devotion to music is evident in the exceptional quality of the recordings he has produced. It was also owing to his live performances, which were an absolute beauty and filled with electric intensity. The band was always on key and the artist who is always accurate to every note. His ability to stay on the right note is an indicator of his hard work as a musician.
Bongos Ikwue is committed to promoting African and African ideals, as seen by his continued usage of his native Idoma language in his songs. Bongos is popular among the majority of Nigerians, having a fan base that transcends language borders and ethnic tensions; he also has an international following. This is mostly due to the complexity of Bongos’ musical genre. He is also a master of the African ideals he chooses to express and his originality is second to none.
He never fails to thrill his audience when he performs life.

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