Naira Redesign Causes Hardship For Nigerians

Naira Redesign Causes Hardship For Nigerians

The recent redesign of the Nigerian Naira has created significant difficulties for many Nigerians, as they struggle to adjust to the changes and cope with the consequences of the new design. While the redesign was intended to improve the security and efficiency of the currency, it has resulted in a number of unintended hardships for ordinary citizens.


Shortage of Cash

One of the biggest difficulties faced by Nigerians is the shortage of cash, as banks struggle to keep pace with the demand for new notes. Many Nigerians have reported long queues and hours-long wait times at banks as they try to exchange their old notes for new ones. This has resulted in widespread frustration and inconvenience, particularly for those who rely on cash for their daily transactions.

Struggling to Adjust to the New Note

In addition to the shortage of cash, many Nigerians are struggling to adjust to the new designs of the notes, which are more complex and include multiple security features. This has led to confusion and errors, as people try to identify the different denominations and make change. For example, there have been reports of people accidentally accepting fake notes, as the new design makes it more difficult to identify counterfeits.

The shortage of cash and the difficulty of adjusting to the new designs have also had a significant impact on small businesses and street vendors, who often rely on cash transactions for their livelihoods. The long wait times at banks and the uncertainty of the new notes have disrupted their operations and reduced their revenue, causing significant hardship for many small business owners.

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Furthermore, the Naira redesign has also had an impact on the country’s overall economy, as the shortage of cash has slowed down economic activity and reduced consumer spending. This has created additional difficulties for businesses, who are already struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and other economic challenges.

Despite these difficulties, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has defended the Naira redesign, stating that it was necessary to address the issue of counterfeiting and improve the security of the currency. The CBN has also emphasized that the difficulties faced by Nigerians are temporary and that the new design will ultimately benefit the country in the long term.


However, for many Nigerians, the short-term difficulties are causing significant hardship and disruption. In light of these challenges, it is important for the CBN and the government to take action to address the issues faced by ordinary citizens and ensure that the Naira redesign does not cause undue hardship. This could include providing additional resources to banks to speed up the process of exchanging old notes for new ones, and working to improve the public’s understanding of the new designs.

While the Naira redesign was intended to improve the security and efficiency of the currency, it has resulted in significant difficulties for many Nigerians.



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