Residents in Lagos protest underage access to hotels and alcohol


Lagos citizens have urged for tougher steps to curb the rising trend of young people having access to hotels, booze, and drugs.  

A cross-section of city residents who talked with newsmen separately on Tuesday stated the burden for putting a stop to the behavior falls mostly on the shoulders of parents.  

Mrs. Opeyemi Adebayo, a teacher, stated that the family has a significant influence in determining how a kid would turn out or act in society. 

“Parents need to spend more time with their children; obviously, there is tension in Lagos, but you should make time to watch your children’s activities since you are capable of bringing them into the world.”  

“Make time if you can’t do it every day. Parents should also set a positive example for their children since what they see or learn at home is largely displayed outdoors,” he added. 

However, Mr. Samuel Oseni, a clergyman, told reporters that young people should be taught the way of the Lord so that society would be a better place for everybody. 

“Sunday schools are meant to educate these young people about what schools may not teach them. Teach them to be better people and set a good example for them at home,” he urged.  

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Checking teenage access to hotels, alcohol, and drugs, according to Mr. Chijioke Nwokonko, an Ogun lecturer, is one difficult thing to accomplish in this area of the globe, he adds, adding that government regulations also play a role. 

“I’m referring to government policies such as citizens receiving a national ID card once they complete secondary school.” 

“The government should vigorously enforce that before granting one access into a pub, club, or hotel, the ID card is examined to ensure that such person has obtained the appropriate age restriction to attend such setting.” 

“Also, in cases when these minor children already have powerful influences, they can phone the manager to acquire admission and render the security guard asking for an ID card ineffective,” he said.  

Nwonkoko said that to correct or check this, law enforcement agencies that would act as the watchdog of such act should be created and adhere strictly to instructions by the government. 

“Such agencies should visit hotels and clubs at random in disguise and once they see anyone perceived as underage, their ID cards should be requested and if found wanting, both the management and the underaged children should face the law. 

“Drug abuse is drug abuse. This has nothing to do with age though, as such, anyone that is caught engaging in such activities should be apprehended and should be made to go through the complete process of rehabilitation”. 

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