We are not aware of Ambode campaign group- Lagos APC 


The actions of a faceless organization, ‘Akinwunmi Ambode Campaign Group,’ labeled as a diversion by APC in Lagos State yesterday. 

It reminded those behind the Olawale Oluwo-led organization that caucuses have outlawed by the state party leadership. 

“The promoters of organization, if they are actually members of APC, should be aware that activities of clandestine groups have prohibited due to their divisive tendencies,” the party stated. 

The Lagos APC questioned why it had taken three years after Ambode administration’s removal for such a group to emerge and claim importance.  

He said that they may be excused since it was in the spirit of the season. 

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Karamo emphasized that the chapter had previously said that Governor Babajide Sanwo-support Olu’s by the Governance Advisory Council for another term did not exclude any other member’s desire.  

“As a democratic party, we are to maintain internal democracy and providing a level playing field for all contenders for all posts,” he stated. 

“It is repugnant and intolerable for a group ostensibly connected to our party to assume the role of the opposition.” 

“While we wish to welcome back people who have previously left our party, we must remind them not to unduly inflame the polity with ill-advised remarks.”  

“In their absence, the party successfully held congresses to fill party posts at the ward, local, state, and national levels.” 

“The process of reconciliation in Lagos State is likewise progressing steadily.” 

As a result, returning members will be required to conduct themselves in accordance with our party’s constitution, rules, and standards. 

“As a party, we are proud of Governor Babajide Sanwo-historic Olu’s achievements.” 

He has not only stayed true to the core of his social contract, the THEMES agenda, but has also restored the state on a road of steady growth. 

“He has stood for responsible, steady, responsive, compassionate, and modest leadership and has delivered on both policy and politics.”  


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