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Soy Kamau: The African Prophetess That Predicted Colonization

Before we discuss the prophecy, we must first learn a little about her people. the kamba people. According to Kenya’s history Sources, kamba have occupied the hills and plains of ukambani in southeast Nairobi since the 17th century. There are competing origin stories concerning the combo people; one tradition claims they migrated from Kilimanjaro, while another claims origins in the north. This does not necessarily mean one is correct and the other is wrong.

It could simply mean that as the Kamba migrated, they mixed and mingled with other ethnic groups and adopted other oral traditions; however, what we do know is that the Kamba are very spiritual people; oral tradition and other documentations affirm the foundation of spirituality and the supernatural in combat culture. Prophets were called ethani in the cacumba language and they were highly regarded in that society.

This combination region was among the first to feel British presence in the 1890s, and their arrival was predicted by a prophetess named Soy Kamau, according to oral tradition. Oral histories have consistently predicted the arrival of the Imperial British East Africa Company. And, more broadly, colonialism did not come as a complete surprise to kamba people prophets or seers known as athani and kakamba esteemed ritual specialists who could prophesy the future were enmeshed in the region’s earliest Colonial histories the most renowned comma.

The Prophetess Soy Kamau

Prophet Soy Kamau is widely believed to have predicted in the late nineteenth century that people with skin like raw meat would arrive in Ukambani

“Prophet Soy Kamau is widely believed to have predicted in the late nineteenth century that people with skin like raw meat would arrive in Ukambani through a long narrow snake that would move from the coast toward the Setting Sun or as an elderly combo man explained more directly in 2004.

She predicted the railroad line and the coming of the white People. Although she was the most revered Prophet or prophetess in Kenya before the arrival of the British a turkana diviner. “Who said I have seen a great vulture coming down from the sky and scooping up the land of turkana and its talons.” interestingly enough, there were a number of Maru prophets from the 1860s that spoke about a snake Vision similar to Soy kamau. A number of Maru prophets from the 1860s also foretold the long snake whose service Warriors would dig like women.

The recording of these Of course is believable, the popularity of Soy Kamau was not only based on her prediction of the British arrival and the railroad, but her previous visions profited those combo spies during the days of cattle raiding with the neighboring Maasai and kikiyu before the akamba spies left their territory they consulted with the prophet for advice.

Soy Kamau’s Legacy

She had a trusted accomplice. later, her reputation grew to the point where a major road in Machakos town was named after her ‘Soy Kamau’. And also predicted that the so-called raw meat people would be carrying fire in their pockets, which was later interpreted to be matchboxes (a threat). She always predicted the outcome of wars and the plans of their enemies at the timekeeping them steps ahead, safe, and victorious.

This type of history is underserved perhaps because it’s difficult to comprehend. Interestingly enough, East Africa has had several prophets who predicted what would happen just before Europeans arrived.

However, you interpret this information, the truth is that Soy Kamau and many others were seemingly pulling from the same Source whether that Source was spiritual or intellectual.



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