Tinubu sends note of warning to APC members

Tinubu, APC chairman

Former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu Asuwaju has warned party members that APC must not be allowed to become like other parties.

Tinubu warned Party members that party’s objectives must always be superior to personal ambitions so the party would not go astray and will be able to overcome all challenges that may arise
He went on to praise the fatherly role of Pressident Buhari in leading and keeping the party together since its formation but pointed out that stakeholders within the APC have more to do by remaining democratic and fair.
He recalled how President Buhari, himself, and other stalwarts have invested time, energy, ideas, and resources in forming the APC, urging that their efforts must not be allowed to become a waste.
He further commended all those working for the good of the party and urged them to keep the collective goal in mind.

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