Tinubu Should Be Imprisoned Instead of Running for President- Adeyanju


Deji Adeyanju, the coordinator of the Concerned Nigerian Movement, has declared that Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, should be in prison rather than running for president. 

The former Governor of Lagos State, according to the human rights activist, has unexplained billions in his bank account with no recognized source of income. 

In an interview, Adeyanju stated that Tinubu’s choice to run for President is an insult to Nigerian sensibilities. 

He bemoaned the fact that the EFCC has neglected to act on a petition demanding for Tinubu’s prosecution.  

“It’s absurd and an insult to the integrity and sensibility of Nigerians that a man who lacks integrity and character and is notorious for being the chief landlord of Lagos State wants to drive the country into the unfortunate situation Lagos State has found itself in, where he is milking the poor masses dry,” Adeyanju said”. 

“Tinubu, who has no known previous experience or source of income, suddenly has unexplained billions to the point of bringing them to his residence on the eve of the last general elections, which is in violation of the constitution’s express requirement.”  

“To quote on this, what he did was a blatant breach of section one of the Money Laundering Prevention Act, which prohibits any private persons in Nigeria from having in their hands more than five-million-naira cash”. 

“The EFCC has received our letter, and we have a pending appeal with the commission in which we have repeatedly demanded that Tinubu be punished for money laundering.” Someone who should be imprisoned has announced his intention to run for President of Nigeria; what an insult to all Nigerians’ sensibilities. For the harm they have caused to this country, people like him should be languishing in jail.” 


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