Tourist Sites in Anambra State


Anambra state, nicknamed ‘Light of the Nation’ is located in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. There are a number of tourist sites in Anambra. The State was carved from the old Anambra. The state houses its capital at Awka, a rapidly growing city.

Anambra is the second smallest state in Nigeria and the eighth-most populous state in Nigeria.

Anambra state is also one of the states with a high number of cities in Nigeria. The state’s major cities are; Awka, Onitsha, and Nnewi. Onitsha city is the second-largest economic hub of Nigeria. Nnewi city is also one of the economic hubs of the state and Nigeria.

It is said that the city settlers of Awka are the Las- Vegas of the state as they take Oringo (fun) very seriously. If you are the ‘life of the party type’ or just looking for a place to enjoy the leisure and luxury of life; then the Anambra state is the place for you to enjoy such amenities within your budget.

The state isn’t lacking in tourist areas as well, as its area is the oldest part of the old Anambra and the Igbo nation.

1. The Ogbaukwu Cave and Waterfall

Ogbaukwu cave in Anambra state

Located in Owerre Ezukala, the cave presents one of the greatest natural tourist sites in Anambra State. The cave is considered the largest cave in West Africa, and it will take upwards of two hours to explore. It forms a deep and complex rock formation with roomy compartments large enough to take in an entire village.

At the center of Ogba Ukwu, is a large area said to have been the living room of the ‘god’ of Owerre-Ezukala. Women who are having their monthly circle are not allowed to go near any part of the cave, as it is considered a sacred place.

2. Odinani Museum

Where it all began for the Igbos

The Odinani museum at Nri in Anambra State was established on March 18, 1972, by the University of Ibadan; in a hall donated by the people of Nri town.

The museum houses artifacts, dated as far back as 900AD, passed down from the generation of Eri; the father of the Igbos. it has also received wide recognition for its documentation of the ancient Nri Kingdom whose monarchy dates back to about 900 AD.

3. Ogbunike Caves

Ogbunike cave in anambra state

Discovered by a hunter named Ukwa. This is a collection of caves, situated in a rainforest valley behind Ogba Hills. The caves were hiding places for the Igbos during the slave trade era. The Ogbunike Cave is basically a chain of 10 caves of different heights, widths, lengths, and stature.

4. The Onitsha Head Bridge.

head bridge anambra state

The first Onitsha-Asaba Niger Bridge was completed in December 1965. It was built by the French construction giant Dumez.

During the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 – 1970; in an attempt to halt the Nigerian military advance, retreating Biafran soldiers destroyed the River Niger Bridge at Onitsha, trapping the Nigerians on the other side of the river. The place is said to hold historical memories and is valued by the entire Igbo nation. A picture on this bridge could be used in an art exhibition.

The state has its best road route in the city of Onitsha, with beautiful terrain; but be careful as the crime rates such as pickpockets in this part of the state are high.

5. Dike Ancient War Tower

dike tower in anambra state

This 20-feet tall pyramid tower, built by Dike Madueke, a 17th-century warrior is living proof of the creativity of the Igbo people that lived in the past.

It was originally constructed by Dike to help the people foil the plans of their enemies. It serves as a reflection of the efforts made by the early settlers to survive. Thus, today it stands as a tourist site in Nnewi.

The ground floor of the tower was used by women and children as a refuge during the period of war.

When you get to the Tower, you should climb to its top; as this would afford you the opportunity of seeing neighboring villages.

See Ogba Ukwu Caves and waterfalls tourist sites in Anambra state…


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