Warning signs you could lose your job


Is it possible to lose your job without realizing it? Of course, this is a possibility.

However, in many cases, People also lose their jobs because they fail to recognize signs from colleagues or managers that clearly imply, they are on their way out of the company.  

At times, the indications take the shape of rumors and warnings from coworkers who appear to know more than you do. 

These are clear signs that your days as an employee are on the verge of coming to an end

You’ll have less work on your desk

There should be a consistent workflow inside an organization that sees you taking on jobs and projects on a consistent basis. 

However, If you see a significant decrease in the number of duties and responsibilities allocated to you, you should also pay close attention. 

When an organization’s management decides to fire an employee, the number of duties allotted to the worker in question decreases.   

Your supervisor has become secretive 

Also Consider the following situation: you have a boss who is quite nice to you and is generally approachable for talks.  

Imagine suddenly being cold, avoiding opportunities for communication, becoming evasive, and refusing to provide you with a listening ear. These are also significant indicators that it is time to review your resume. 

If you’re not clear why this should raise red lights, picture the management putting you under a lot of pressure and assigning you unreasonable goals.

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Money problems 

When an organization you work for has difficulty balancing its expenditure with its revenue, it is a strong indication that the days ahead may be stormy.  

One of the reasons many businesses engage in large downsizing is to decrease labor and costs in a way that does not negatively impact profitability. 

Meetings are being excluded 


If you find that your coworkers’ bosses begin to leave you out of critical meetings with no logical explanation, it is a good indicator that you should start looking for another employment. 

When management stop inviting you to important meetings, it is also a clear indicator that they feel your days at the company are numbered. 

Acquisitions and mergers 

It is not unusual for employees to be dismissed when a firm merges or is bought by a larger company. 

In certain circumstances, the individual is also transfer due to the role’s significance.

However, Mergers and acquisitions may rip stability and job security to shreds like an organizational cyclone. 

If you find yourself in the midst of such an organizational upheaval, it is an indication that your days as an employee are coming to an end.  

New managers are also often known to come to a company with new ideologies, a different plan and might call new hands to drive the organization forward. 

Extremely bad feedback 

It is quite acceptable in an organization for your supervisor or manager, to whom you report, to point out flaws during a review of your job and performance. 

However, if these reports start pointing fingers at how your performance is risking the brand’s future and existence as a whole, your career may be endangered. 

Removed from email list  

If everyone else at work receives official correspondence but you, it might signify that your days as an employee are numbered. 

The only exception to this is if there is a technical issue that causes the emails to go up in your spam folder. 

If this is not the case and you are purposefully omit from official correspondence, management may be implying that you have no value inside the organization.  

One-sided questions 

When supervisors begin to ask a lot of questions and seek updates on tasks and projects that you are working on, you should naturally feel that you are about to lose your job.  

However, if individuals continue to ask these questions without receiving any form of response, there are grounds for concern. 

When supervisors ask probing questions about your job, you should normally receive some form of response.   

Mistakes are no longer corrected 

When employees make mistakes, it is the responsibility of managers or the management as the case may be to correct them in the hope that they will learn from these mistakes and corrections. 

If, however, management begins to let things slide, this is a good reason to worry about the future of your job. 

Management interviews or hires someone who can do what you do 

Let us, for a moment, imagine that you are a graphics designer. You decide to take a lunch break and you see your company’s HR interview about 4 graphic artists.  

A feeling of not existing 

If you get to a point in an organization where you begin to feel like you are invisible, nonexistent, as if you are not even there at all, then it is a strong sign that you must take it very seriously or you lose your job.

Below are things you should if you have a feeling, you are about to lose your job: 

  • Keep it cool: Remember that this is only a strong feeling and not a formal letter or email from management, so keep calm.
  • Give them no cause to dismiss you.
  • Create an exit strategy
  • Play the advantage card
  • Don’t get desperate
  • Look and sound convincing
  • Hammer on achievements
  • Keep your fears to yourself

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  • Consider the big picture
  • Don’t also make rash decisions
  • Don’t beg for your job
  • Avoid becoming offensive
  • Put your emotions in check
  • Don’t put an evil tag on your boss
  • Get specialized assistance 
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