Things that men secretly find attractive in women


The first thing everyone observes about another individual is their appearance. Even in terms of love, the primary factor that draws men to women is their appearance.  

However, that is not the only aspect that draws men’s attention. Relationships are not just dependent on outward appearances, thus other factors such as personality, humor, and self-esteem play a significant role in attracting men. That being said.

Here are some qualities that men admire in women other their physical looks.  

  • When you trick him 

While no man enjoys be made to seem dumb, the sense of punching above his weight may be just as appealing in terms of intelligence as it is in terms of attractiveness. Insert some high-brow dinner talk to get him to sit up straight and pay attention. 

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  • When you have a unique fragrance


On date night, use a lot of perfume. Smell association may evoke deep emotions, and your fragrance might remind him of your first kiss, the morning after, and all in between. All of this just merely entering the room.  

  • When you put on mismatched undergarments 

You don’t have to live in your best underwear just because he enjoys seeing you in it. He’ll find it equally hot to catch you in a sports bra and briefs — it appears that you weren’t intending on having sex, but he’s managed to get you in the mood.  

  • When you’re crazy and text him 


After a night out, scrolling through your WhatsApp might make you cringe. Don’t. He’ll appreciate waking up to the ego boost — a new type of morning splendor. Just tread carefully between spoilers about missing him and requesting to move in after two dates.

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  • When you order everything, you want

Returning from the pub bar with two pints of cheap lager and some salty fare is a sure way to warm his heart, but so is being confident in your cocktail selection or the messy rack of ribs you want to gnaw on. It will give him the impression that he is getting to know the real you.  

  • When you can hold your own in a short contest

Cold shoulders and silence do nothing. Give him a verbal smackdown, and he’ll respect your openness and find your aggressive attitude appealing. What better way to resolve a fight than by pulling each other’s clothing off? 

  • When you become extremely happy about a subject 

Making time for anything other than Netflix and chill every night, whether it’s dancing, baking, or BMX riding, shows him how passionate you can be. Expect him to join you in singing along to Taylor Swift (at least not every time), but simply appreciate the fact that he’s watching you with a big smile on his face.  

  • When you accept the morning after 

Some girls avoid bed head and half-removed make-up, but there’s nothing sexier than a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Especially because he is still mentally congratulating himself on his performance last night. It will demonstrate to him that you are someone to be proud of. 

  • When you continue to wear your gym clothes after your workout 


Don’t return home and immediately hop in the shower (unless you’re taking him in with you). You may be a bit sweaty, but all he sees is a fit lady in her tightest clothing. It doesn’t get much better from here. Plus, just because his sweat stinks don’t imply yours will — in fact, it will energize him even more.  

  • When in control of stressful situations  

Going into a fury when your vacation bad happens, or taking your difficult day at work out on him, just builds negative energy. Learn to laugh at yourself instead, and if he tries to make you laugh, let him. He’ll enjoy knowing he’s made a difference.  

  • The ego of a woman 

Nothing appeals to a man more than a lady with tremendous self-esteem. A self-assured lady is self-sufficient and capable of dealing with any scenario in her life. Even in the long term, the man may rely on his companion and feel comfortable. 

  • Good sense of humor 


A person who lacks a sense of humor is uninteresting and dull. Being witty and humorous is essential for either a guy or a woman. Many men find it highly appealing when a lady can crack smart jokes and make a crowd laugh.  

  • Their sense of style 

While fashion isn’t a compulsory factor in a relationship, if one is still in their initial phases of dating, having a sense of style is crucial. Although, the woman doesn’t notice it often, but a well-dressed woman can attract a lot of attention. 

  • How successful are they in their careers 

While men may not admit it, successful women are incredibly appealing to them. Women with professions appeal to men for a variety of reasons, ranging from financial security to professional achievement. It gives them the assurance that their girlfriends are not only with them for the money  

  • Their intelligence 

Nobody likes women with no common sense. If a guy plans to spend the rest of his life with his partner, he will probably aim for an intelligent woman. 


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