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13 Top Most Popular Indian Dishes You Should Try Out – WNTV

Indian cuisine strikes a fine balance of sweet and spicy, enticing many palates and becoming increasingly popular for take-out and takeaway meals. Whether you choose vegetarian or meat-based meals, prefer mild cuisine or crave spicy dishes, there is almost always an Indian dish to satisfy your taste buds.

WNTV offers a varied menu of Indian dishes that you will love to eat. Here are some of the most popular meals you should try:

1. Samosa

This delicious alternative is one that even those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine may have tried. Samosas, a fried dough pocket filled with delicious ingredients like potatoes, onions, spices, and peas, are popular snacks in India. They are especially good with sauces or chutneys on top.

2. Dal soup

If you like soups, especially vegetarian ones, you should try a bowl of dal. Dal is a hearty lentil soup flavored with herbs and spices. This soup is popular with soup lovers as it is both comforting in the winter and refreshing in the summer.

3. Curry

Curry is one of the best known and most popular Indian foods. Tomato-based curries are recognized as the ideal comfort meal in India, and countries around the world agree. Curry spices are added to the sizzling flavorings with other ingredients before boiling until the flavors blend in perfect harmony. There are several curry alternatives to choose from, including lamb, chicken, fish, or shrimp, which are especially wonderful when placed on top of rice.

4. Chicken Tandoori (chicken marinated with yogurt and spices)

most popular Indian dishes

The one meal that is likely to be more popular than this is chicken tikka, although that too is a tight call. The delicious texture of the tandoori chicken and the delicious spices make it a classic that never goes out of style and manages to make every dish unique. And it’s one of our most popular Indian dishes.

5. Tandoori fish

Fish isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about tandoor-style cuisine. However, tandoori fish is a unique dish that is not commonly found in Indian cuisine. What cooking does for other meats also works for fish, providing flavor and spice in equal measure.

6. Biriani

Biryani For Indians, each kitchen seems to have its own particular dish of rice; this meal called biryani. Biryani’s appearance is not only gorgeous but compelling as well, resulting in a large number of admirers. Its vibrant aromas and fluffy rice are complemented with veggies and occasionally meat, making it a favorite with vegans and meat eaters alike.

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7. Masala

Masala combines tandoori cooking with a comparable but denser sauce than a curry. The creamy sauce is so addicting that masala fans order it every time they visit Little India. Plus, with the option of shrimp, fish, chicken or lamb, why not try something new every time you visit? And it is one of the most popular Indian dishes.

8. Naan (Flat bread)

Naan is a tasty bread that is often used to flavor the many delicious sauces found in most popular Indian dishes. The simplicity of this puffy bread complements many Indian cuisine. Some people may even substitute rice naan with their meals. If you’ve never tried good naan bread, your life has been a lot less delicious than it could be.
Naan is a leavened focaccia baked in the oven. Naan is often served with all meals.
This bread has the ideal balance of chewy and crunchy, buttery and garlicky. It is just what every Indian meal needs to balance the vibrant and strong flavors.

Depending on your mood, there are many distinct types of naan buns.
The classics are the garlic and butter naan bread.
Paneer naan is a tasty Indian cheese.
Chili naan is ideal for the spice connoisseur.
And of course, there’s always the traditional no-frills naan.
Whatever way you eat it, naan works like a spoon to scoop up sauce or dip into chutneys. Without naan on the side, an Indian dinner is incomplete.

9. Ginger Chicken Kebob

How can you improve tandoori chicken? Switch up the marinade, adding a kick with a mint and ginger sauce, and you’ve got a new favorite meal. This specific meal is unlikely to be anywhere other than Little India, and it is certainly one of our most delicious inventions to date.

10. Lamb chops

You may not think of lamb chops as a particularly Indian meal. When we cook them in the tandoor oven with our regular marinade, they turn into the kind of lamb chops you didn’t even know you wanted. Next time you visit, we’re confident you’ll want another serving of these delicious ribs, served with a spicy masala sauce and fresh side salad. And it has becomes one of the most popular Indian dishes.

11. Shu’Bah ‘(tomato soup)

Shu’Bah ‘, also known as “Shorba”, is a light and spiced Indian tomato soup. Make this Indian vegetarian meal by boiling tomatoes, onions, spices, and ghee (ghee). The spices ginger, turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon create a symphony with a typical Indian taste.
When done correctly, ‘Shu’Bah’ has a medium-thick texture and is garnished with fresh herbs (cilantro is perfect). If you love garlic, a delicious addition would be to complement the meal with roasted garlic.

12. Chutney (fruit sauce)

most popular Indian dishes

It is a condiment composed of different fruits, herbs and spices that originated about 2000 years ago in India. Vegans, take note: this is for you.
Use Brown sugar, turmeric, and red wine vinegar to make this chutney. A spicy delicacy in a world of Indian heat, with a handful of other treats like mango chutney.
Although there are often salty and fruity chutneys. Chef Marie has created the mango and onion chutney recipes to be the perfect accompaniment to any Indian cuisine dish.

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13. Matar Paneer (peas and cooked cottage cheese)

most popular Indian dishes

Another entry in the “Indian Vegetarian Cuisine” category!
Paneer matar is a North Indian dish. It is cooked with a delicious tomato sauce, paneer (farmer’s cheese) and peas, and is flavored with garam masala.
Serve with a refreshing side dish, such as cream or bread.
Eat with rice, naan, paratha, poor or roti, depending on the location.
After you’re done with the cheese and vegetables, dip the bread (or Naan) in the tomato sauce.
Your senses of taste will appreciate if you serve this meal with naan, yogurt, aloo or cream.



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