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5 Fashion brands owned by African Women

African women are a fine blend of intelligence, talent, and beauty. With their flawless skin color, in all shades; African woman has played and continues to play a central role as economic producers. This is obvious in the fashion industry where there are local & international thriving women-owned fashion brands.

Below are the top 5 brands to consider while shopping


1. Hanifa:

Beautiful African women

Anifa Mvuemba is a US-based Congolese designer. She is the beauty behind the technological brand, which turned limitations imposed by the coronavirus into a huge success. In 2020 when the coronavirus emerged, the fashion industry along with other markets faced challenges of sustaining trends.

In a bid to deal with this challenge, many brands began using digital mediums to showcase collections. During this time, the women’s wear label ‘Hanifa’ unveiled a virtual 3D fashion show; this later turned into a viral sensation with bold colors and precision. Her company is dedicated to offering stylish fits for black women, especially for women who are underrepresented in the fashion industry.   IG @hanifaofficial

2. Nkwo:

African woman

Nkwo Onwuka’s eponymous brand is at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement in Nigeria. And with a focus on the preservation of traditional hand-craft while curbing the damaging effects of textile waste.

The Dakala cloth birthed the innovation of woven techniques in fashion, including using leftover denim to make Nkwo. Nkwo introduces a blue hie to African women’s fashion. IG @nkwo_official

3. Deola Saoge:

African woman's fashion

As one of Nigeria’s leading international women’s fashion brands; Deola Saoge is the leading lady of African haute couture fashion from Ondo State in Nigeria. Her brand is redefined and directed towards the luxury bridal market. Deola had her clothing line, the Komole Collection unveiled at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in 2012.

Deola stays true to her cultural heritage with the innovative use of aso-oke, a handwoven fabric in Yoruba culture. IG @deolasagoeofficial


4. Chloe Asaam:


Emerging designer Chloe Asaam is a Ghanaian-born researcher and community organizer. Her fledgling brand has developed as an alternative to the Kantamanto market, where Ghana’s biggest second-hand clothing trade takes place. Her brand fuses symbolism and technology by incorporating QR codes into garments to give more insights.


Also, she repurposes fabrics from the Kantamanto market and combines them with traditional Ghanaian textiles through invigorating processes.

Chloe’s Fashion brand was recently featured at the last concluded Mercedes Benz fashion show. IG @chloe_asaam

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5. Lisa Folawiyo:


With colorful collections that fuse traditional West African fabrics and modern tailoring, Lisa is a celebrated Nigerian fashion designer. Lisa’s brand is one of Africa’s most well-known, with a traditional pattern that defies fashion conventions. And in using color, beads, and sequins, she reveals silhouettes in blazers, pant sets, maxi dresses, and mini dresses.

Her fashion label captivates everyone on an international scale. Celebrities like Lupita Nyongo and Issa Rae are frequently seen wearing Lisa’s modern cuts and designing clothes. IG @lisafolawiyo _studio


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