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Akwu Ojukwu: The Most Important “Palm Fruit” in Igboland  

The Akwu Ojukwu is so sacred that a piece of land where it grows is forbidden to sell, and it is also forbidden to buy a plot of property with an Akwu Ojukwu tree, and it is stated that it does not grow in land that is in dispute/contention.   

A widow does not pluck the nut with a mourning cloth in Igbo land. 

The palm tree’s economic value cannot be overstated; each portion, from the fruit to the branches to the roots, has a beneficial end result. The African Palm fruit, on the other hand, is the main product for the inhabitants of West Africa, both commercially and personally. 

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Palm fruit is important in the life of all ethnic groups in Nigeria, featuring prominently in practically every native dish. The Igbo people, on the other hand, use palm fruit in every area of their existence, which is why they are particular about various kinds. There are several kinds of this tree, but one, in particular, stands out for the Igbo people as “Akwu Ojukwu.”  

Akwu Ojukwu’s Strength  

Akwu Ojukwu is a palm fruit species notable for being smaller and red all over its body, obtained from a unique African oil palm tree. The Igbos value Akwu Ojukwu, which means “defend,” for its spiritual qualities, as well as its healing and protective powers. 

According to a herbalist, It is more than simply a palm fruit; it is a goddess who despises wickedness. If you also have any evil intents or juju on you, the akwu ojukwu will neutralize it.  

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Benefits of Akwu Ojukwu  

Akwu Ojukwu

According to some strong Herbalists, The nut has the following strong Benefits:

  • Charm neutralization: If you suspect or see a charm on your premises, simply get some Akwu Ojukwu, squeeze out the juice with water, and put it on the charm or around your surroundings. It utterly destroys it. 
  • Repels Evil Attack: Keep one of these delicious palm fruit fruits in your pocket or bag to repel evil attacks. 
  • Keep Evil Forces Away: To frighten witches and wizards away, scatter some fruits around your compound and at the entrance. 
  • Palm kernel oil is also used to prevent and treat convulsions in children. 
  • Palm kernel oil is used to treat persistent coughing. 
  • Drinking the palm oil also neutralizes poison. 


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