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Japa: 7 Important Documents Nigerian Students Need to Apply For Masters Admission in Canada

There are many documents that Nigerian students must possess before applying for admission to Canadian universities. Nigerians seeking to study for their master’s in Canada should possess six important documents.  

However, there are some students who want to travel to Canada for their studies but do not know the documents they must possess.

In this article, there are lists of seven important documents Nigerian students must possess if they want to travel to Canada for their master’s studies.


Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended are an essential requirement for applying for master’s admission in Canada. These transcripts provide a comprehensive record of the student’s academic performance and achievements, including grades, credits earned, and courses.

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The transcripts officially certified and sealed by the issuing institution and sent directly from the institution to the Canadian university where the student is applying.

Degree Certificate

A degree certificate from the Nigerian university where the student obtained their undergraduate degree is also required. The certificate must be officially certified and sealed by the issuing institution, and sent directly from the institution to the Canadian university. The degree certificate is an important document as it serves as proof of the student’s academic qualifications and helps the university to verify their eligibility for admission.

English Proficiency Test Scores

English is the primary language of instruction in Canadian universities, so most universities require proof of English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS scores, before granting admission. The test scores sent directly from the testing agency to the Canadian university, and the student should aim to score above the minimum required by the university.

Resume or CV

A current resume or CV is a critical document that provides an overview of the student’s academic and professional background, including any relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. The resume or CV well-written and concise, highlighting the student’s strengths and areas of expertise, and tailored to the specific program and university where the student is applying.

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Letters of Recommendation

At least two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references are usually required for master’s admission in Canada. The letters written by individuals who are familiar with the student’s academic and professional abilities, and who can provide a positive and detailed evaluation of the student’s qualifications and potential for success. The letters sent directly from the referees to the Canadian university.

Statement of Purpose

A well-written statement of purpose is a critical document that outlines the student’s goals, academic interests, and reasons for pursuing a master’s degree in Canada. The well-structured, clear, and concise statement of purpose should tailor to the specific program and university where the student is applying. It should also provide an overview of the student’s academic background, research interests, and career aspirations, and explain why they are a good fit for the program and why they are motivated to pursue a master’s degree in Canada.

Proof of Financial Support

Documentation of financial support, such as a bank statement, scholarship award letter, or letter from a sponsor.

However, obtaining the necessary documents and preparing a strong application package is a crucial step in the admission process for a master’s program in Canada. By having the above seven important documents, Nigerian students can demonstrate their academic qualifications, English proficiency, and motivation, and also increase their chances of admission into their desired program.


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