Meet the Nigerian running for the Mayor of London

Meeting the Nigerian running for the Mayor of London
Meeting the Nigerian running for the Mayor of London

Meet the Nigeria man, Nims Obunge who is running for mayor of London. The 56 years old Nigerian pastor and politician who prefers to focus on aspiration over the history of the black experience was born in St Mary Abbots Hospital Kensington. Most interestingly, he was the heaviest baby in the hospital. Both of his parents are Nigerians But, he belongs to an English nationality.

Obunge is said to be making headlines all over the English media. His work with gang members and violent offenders has convinced him that without a systemic approach to the root causes of crime, nothing will change. Obunge insists that he has what it takes to tackle a whole host of complex socio-economic, political and managerial challenges. He is promising to create a Covid Recovery fund, combat crime and get to grips with transport, housing, environmental, health and education issues, if he becomes the mayor of London.

Prior to that, he is also known as the CEO of The Peace Alliance and deputy lieutenant at Greater London Lieutenancy.

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