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7 Ways to Get Over Heartbreak in This Internet Age

7 Ways to Get Over Heartbreak in This Internet Age

Heartbreak has no respect for age, gender, or talent. At some point in our lives we all experience heartbreak, it could be the end of a romantic relationship or cheating in a relationship, being a victim of unreciprocated love, the end of a special friendship, the death of a loved one or so much more. Heartbreak is not a new occurrence. It is an experience every human being has, regardless of how apathetic the person claims to be. Emotions make us human and different from robots.

Broken Heart

Being in love may be the most beautiful thing in the world, yet it can also cause great pain when expectations are not met. There’s no science behind measuring how long it takes to heal or how much pain it causes or even how much of the emotions are bearable by either gender but the emotional pain can be so deep and real that it starts causing physical pain like a heart attack.

No sane person falls in love with intention of being heartbroken, any case of such would indicate some sort of mental or psychological illness so loving anyone with any form of strings attached is a risk but always worth a shot at happiness. Heartbreak comes with an emotional mix of anger, sadness, confusion, grief, and even rejection.

What to Do After a Breakup?

Moving on can also be a mind field, emotional issues have no defined path for getting over and being whole again, some people are brave enough to take certain steps and be whole again, others are not and they never remain the same for the rest of their lives. Here are a few recommendations you should consider to be able to heal, move on with life and find happiness again.

1. Take your time to grieve

You should have a grieving period and should mourn the absence of your loved one whether dead or alive. You are mourning the loss of that connection and emotion because whether you like it or not a relationship is like a living entity capable of growth, death, and ill health.



2. Block the Person’s Access to You

Cut off all contact and conversation with your ex-partner until you are certain you have moved on. In most cases, burning that bridge forever is a safe option. This keeps you from making unhealthy or rash decisions. Which leads to the same cycle of heartbreak if access remains open.

And in a situation when you are already in a new relationship not blocking the access your ex has with you, or still following them on social media and/or keeping track of their activities or contact is a sign you haven’t moved on from your past. Some become stalkers due to unterminated access.

3. Stay Away From Family and Friends of the Ex-partner

Some people may have ties with the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend’s family, a large circle of friends, and maybe very involved in each other’s lives that there’s a large number of people torn between them after the breakup. Yes! you need to cut the ties of close friends and family related to this person. And if these folks were a large part of your life before the relationship, you’ll need to take a step back until you’re done grieving. And, when you move on, don’t allow essential connections to suffer as a result of your hurt.

4. Delete or Replace History

We always advise replacing or giving away every gift and item that reminds you of this person, you no longer need items that will do nothing but trigger your hurting memory of this person. After grieving, surround yourself with nothing from your past relationship.

5. Avoid Places Where You Had the Most Memories

Find a new space! move away from being in the same space or environment as your ex-partner. Especially when work and support groups (friends) are not tied to one location.

6. Find and Develop New Interests

Finding new interests, and hobbies, and channeling your energy into something with self-profit and value is always a very significant step to making yourself whole again. A lot of people have been known to invent a better version of themselves by developing their interests and passions after a terrible breakup. Channeling that rage or rush of emotions and energy into something productive will get you results faster than you ever had when you were emotionally stable.

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7. Drawn the Noise

It’s always difficult to focus on what you really want without external influences in this digital age. There are several opinions people may want to share with you which will influence your judgment directly or indirectly as long as you keep listening.

You should find a way to keep external opinions or distractions away. Things are not always what they seem on social media. Find your quiet place and don’t allow distractions that will bias your judgment or make you alter your decision to be happy.

Stay Positive and Find Your Own Happiness

It’s both unfair and heartbreaking to discover that you’re someone’s rebound when you care deeply about that person. If you don’t want your heart shattered, it’s a hazardous place to be, so don’t cause grief for someone else by leaping into a relationship merely to fill the gap left by your ex. Take your time healing and moving on before entering another serious relationship. Do not make the mistake of thinking jumping into a new commitment with someone else while grieving will make you happy, you will not have any happiness to give and why take from that person? And end up replicating the heartbreak you had in someone else you claim you care about.


When you have found your own happiness, you will be able to share that happiness with someone else thereby strengthening what you two have and securing a better relationship for yourself.

Will I Love Again? Some people believe after an incredible romance comes to an end that’s it. Believe me, it’s not the end. Go through these steps mentioned above and allow yourself as much time to grieve as you can and get out there. Grieving and shorting the door of your heart won’t help you heal. Take a chance, sometimes you never know if you are ready to love again until you meet someone else.