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The Great Fisherman: Ofarnyi Kwegya, The GIANT That Travelled From Ancient Egypt to Ghana

Ofarnyi Kwegya was part of Asebu Amanfi and his group of people that arrived from ancient Egypt to present-day Asebu town in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to oral tradition, Asebu Amanfi and Ofarnyi Kwegya were both giants. Asebu Amalfi, on his arrival, moved inland and founded Asebu township. Ofarnyi Kwegya was a master fisherman who settled on the coast due to the abundance of Mɔrolɛ (Stingray) in the rivers, henceforth the name Mɔrolɛ or Moree. 

The late Ofarnyi Kwegya was the greatest fisherman ever to have lived in Ghana. After his death, no fisherman has been able to equal his achievements, Ofarnyi Kwegya was a master fisherman who was able to capture a huge number of fish due to his size. His fishing activities took him and his men to several parts of the coast of present-day Central America. He settled in Moree, Winneba, and other parts of the coast due to his fishing activities. 

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Moree (formerly also known as Mouri) is a town with a small seaside resort in Abura Asebu-kwamankese district, a district in the Central Region of south Ghana 

Moree was founded by giants Asebu Amanfi and his brother Farnyi Kwegya, and prolific hunter called Adzekese. Asebu Amanfi and Farnyi Kwegya were believed to have led an army that chased Israelites during the exodus. When their men drowned in the sea, they could not return to Pharaoh but fled Egypt with their family across Lake Chad to Nigeria and finally settled in Moree, then a village and small seaside resort in Ghana.

Upon arrival in Moree, the Egyptian giants established their kingdom with prolific hunter, Adzekese. Asebu Amanfi was made the first King of the Asebu kingdom, while Nana Adzekese became the first Chief of Moree. Moree developed around Fort Nassau, which was the original fort on their Gold Coast, taken over by the Dutch West Indian Company when it was founded in 1621. 


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