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The Musical Path of Jimmy Sugarcane – ‘Koolitdown’ Album

The musical path of Jimmy Sugarcane winds from Nigeria to London, to Chicago, and now Wisconsin, picking up multiple influences and distinct flavors along the way.  Energetic takes on dancehall merge with his Chicago hip-hop and traditional Nigerian roots to create a joyful, infectious hybrid sound that will have you on your feet shouting his signature call-and-response: “Enhn!!”  His latest album, “OYA!” was released in 2021 and followed up with a trio of videos shot on his most recent return to Nigeria.
He goes furthermore to play his part in the advancement of the music industry in Nigeria to the world at large and that gives birth to KOOLITDOWN.
Koolitdown is a full entertainment outfit that hopes to assemble and push to the full glare of the world the brightest of talents out there. The first task this group took on is a project they termed THE SKETCH album which is a joint project with some of the team members [mr Dove & kozy g].
THE SKETCH according to the koolitdown team is a body of work that tells different stories using music and will be the rough sketch of what is to come from the group. All the songs on the project were produced, mixed, and mastered by MACTONES.
The sketch album is a collation of stories told musically to foretell what becomes of a newly built brand KOOLITDOWN. These stories might be relatable to some of us but we will implore you to listen because these stories have never been told in this manner.


Tells the story of 3 friends who run us through their love stories with 3 different girls who happen to be friends ( Amina, Chioma, and Anita).
A lot of simp tactics were applied by the guys who will eventually be stunned.


Speaks on unconditional love even in the midst of unpleasant and uncomfortable times.
The Nollywood twist of staying or parting ways with your struggling lover as a woman will be your stunner in this track[smile].


This track talks about that bad boy who goes on to spend so much on a girl and later tries to get his reward in kind but gets a shocker when the girl tells him she is a virgin which leaves him confused for some moment but he will later opt to retrieve all he has given out of the thought of being seen as a mugu[smile].


Is a story of a jealous wife and her deceitful friend. Jimmy was tired after he closed from work. His co-worker called him to help her through particular database issues and a report she needs to submit the next day at work. So Jimmy already driving home told her to come to the nearest restaurant close to his location. So Jimmy’s wife’s girlfriend saw them laughing together in the restaurant while sharing drinks and jokes after work she asked Jimmy to help her. She took a picture of them which she sent to jimmy’s wife and then went outside and called her. Giving her the location of the restaurant. So Jimmy’s wife rushed down to the restaurant and saw them smiling and laughing like too foolish love birds.
She concluded that Jimmy is cheating on her. So she broke the plates and started crying and heating Jimmy. Then jimmy started explaining to her that the lady is his co-worker and he is not cheating. Even the lady was also helping jimmy to explain that they are just co-workers and she needed him to help her out with work that she will submit tomorrow. She still left and broke up with jimmy. One day she finds out that her girlfriend who told her she saw jimmy in a restaurant with another woman has been making plans to take jimmy away from her.


Is the story of a guy whose friends became successful after school. He was suffering for years with his friends mocking him. When he became successful, his friends came and started asking him how it happened. He told them that if they see what he saw to become successful, they all will be sleeping in a white garment church. Telling them that if you tell a poor man to do what he did to become successful, he will rather choose to be an in-law to poverty.
He further told them not to mock those that are not successful because they are passing through a lot and moreover, no be knows who will be the King tomorrow.


is about 2 friends with sweet mouths having affair with 1 girl who is their neighbor. Two friends decided to have an affair with a girl who is their neighbor and never to let her know that they knew she is having sex with two of them. Later the girl got pregnant and her mother asked her, she told her that is Jimmy and Kozy that has been sleeping with her but she don’t know among them who got her pregnant.
They went for DNA and the result showed that the child doesn’t belong to both of them. With surprised looking at each other, they remember the day they saw another of their neighbor coming out from the girl’s room. They shouted!!!!!!!!!


A story of a guy promising the love of his life Love, Trust, and sticking with her no matter what people say.
Telling her that they will spend their life together come rain and sunshine. She loves him too and always feels good around him.
Click Here to Listen or Download any of these songs.


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